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    The Music Delivery Platform of the Future

    Musicians on the iDitty platform have loaded our cards with music, videos, artwork and so much more. When you redeem a card, you get instant access to all that fantastic content direct from your browser or mobile device!

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    Do More with iDitty

    The iDitty platform combines patent-pending Digital Scan Cards with a flexible digital content system to help you deliver your content the way your audience wants it: digitally.

    CDs are so last century.

  • For Musicians

    Why iDitty?

    Many artists make most of their revenue at merchandise tables after they play a live show. Audiences connect with a band or song, and are most likely to pay for music during the post-gig buzz.

  • For Musicians

    What Do I Get?

    So what do you receive with your iDitty account? Below is a list of features and services you can expect to receive with us:

    1. FREENearly Unlimited Storage
    2. FREEPublisher Page
    3. FREEiPhone and Android App Integration
    4. FREEOnline Support

iDitty Changes Everything

iDitty brings the modern music experience back into the real world. The CD industry is fading away, but fans still want to be able to buy physical copies of a musician's album. Musicians want to be able to reach out to their fans, and to provide a much wider range of content than can be stored on a traditional CD or vinyl.